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This Privacy Policy applies to all pages of the Reliance Services website. The main provisions of the policy are presented below.


This Privacy Policy uses the following terms:

  1. Employees who are responsible for identifying the purposes of processing personal data and their content, as well as organizing and processing personal data, are referred to as "Administration."
  2. Personal data is any information relating to an individual & visitor of the website.
  3. Processing of personal data refers to all activities taken in connection to data that may be carried out with or without the assistance of automated technologies, including but not limited to the following: collection, recording, storage, systematisation, use, extraction, transfer, blocking, and deletion.
  4. A necessity for maintaining the privacy of an individual's personal information is to ensure that it is not divulged to any third parties without first obtaining the User's permission. The management of the website is required to comply with this condition, and doing so is mandatory.

Key points

The Privacy Policy and the rules governing the use of the User's personal data are considered accepted once the User begins using the website & services.

In the event that the User takes issue with the provisions of the Privacy Policy, he is required to withdraw his usage of the Services.

The administration of this website does not validate the user's personally identifying information before it is stored.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy specifies requirements for the administration of the Site, which consist of ensuring the protection of the User's personal data as well as preventing the disclosure of the User's personal information to third parties.

The personal data of the User can be accessed by the management of the Site through the use of specific registration forms, in which the User is required to leave the following information:

The Site is also responsible for protecting the User's data, which are automatically transmitted when visiting pages and when viewing advertising blocks:

Purposes pursued by the collection of personal data

The User's personal data can be used by the Site administration:

About the methods and terms of processing personal data

The User's personal data can be processed in any legal way without a time limit.

The User's personal data may be transferred into the hands of the authorized state authorities of the Ontario Police only in the manner prescribed in the current legislation.

In the event that the User's personal data is lost or disclosed, the website Administration must inform the User about it.

The administration undertakes to take all necessary measures to protect the User's personal data from unauthorized access, modification, copying and distribution by third parties.

In case of loss of personal data, the administration of the website, together with the user, takes all necessary measures to prevent possible negative consequences.

On the obligations of the parties

User obligations:

The Administration is obliged to:

On the liability of the parties

In the event that the administration has not fulfilled its obligations, it is liable for the losses incurred by the user from the misuse of his personal data.

The site administration is not responsible if the User's personal data:

About Dispute Resolution

In the event that a disagreement arises between the User and the management of the Site, prior to initiating legal action, the User is required to first submit a claim, which is a written suggestion for a mutually agreeable resolution of the dispute.

Within thirty calendar days after receiving the claim, the party that is responsible for evaluating it is required to provide the applicant with a written summary of the findings of that evaluation.

In the event that the parties are unable to come to an agreement, the consideration of the contentious situation will be handed over to the body that is responsible for judicial matters.

Additional terms

The Administration of the website is authorised to make modifications to Privacy Policy and any other web-pages at any time and without the User's consent.

Prices indicated for services are a rough estimates and are a subject of change, and may vary based on the estimates given on site by technicians on site.

As soon as it is uploaded to the site, the revised Privacy Policy enters into force and begins to take effect. 

Regarding this Privacy Policy, administration is the one who should be contacted with any questions or comments you may have.