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Automotive Locksmith

When a consumer comes to Reliance Group Services, we ensure that they will receive items of the highest quality, which instils trust in them regarding their choice of retractable screen door. Products that we provide have been meticulously engineered and intended to fit in seamlessly with the architectural components of any entryway. We are the only company that offers a right-angle encasement to match the door frame. There is not any hardware that is distracting or obstructive that is located either inside or outside of your house.

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from 79 CAD.
Lock Replacement
from 75 CAD.
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from 50 CAD.

Types of Retractable Sliding Doors

Automotive Locksmith

We offer the following Retractable Sliding Doors:

Professional Retractable Screen Door Installation

Automotive Locksmith

Our trained professionals are able to fix and install retractable screen of any level of difficulty and offer a results guarantee. We will carry out all of our clients' requests, they are all pleased with the decision to work with us:

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Reviews From our Clients

I would want to express my gratitude to the technician Serge for the precise work he did in unlocking the lock. The issue was that the door would not go any farther towards the previous key. It just did not scroll in the castle, and that is all there is to say about it. The door was opened within a couple of minutes by a tidy and courteous master who had just arrived. After that, he provided me with a whole new set of keys and updated the code that was within the lock without taking anything apart. As a result of this, the door is in good condition, the lock is unaffected, and I have a fresh set of keys. I am grateful to you, Serge!

East York

So let me share with you my thoughts on the Reliance Service Company! I had the simplest lock (which turned out to be a cylinder one), but the key didn't turn the lock the first time most of the time, and there was a period when I just couldn't get into my house! I spent the better part of a half an hour attempting to unlock it with an old key, and in the end, I thought it was a terrible idea. After that, I phoned the experts, they unlocked the door for me in just twenty minutes! That is to say, I spent more time attempting to open the locks on my own than it took for the masters to arrive and open them.


Hello! I am writing to convey my appreciation for the assistance you provided me with the lock. To put it mildly, we were in a peculiar circumstance. We held a birthday party in the apartment, and once it was finished, we went outside for a break to smoke, but we forgot to take the keys with us. As a consequence of this, it was discovered that there were five individuals standing on the stairwell without a key to the lock. It was fortunate for me that I carried my phone with me since they got in touch with the knowledgeable staff members working at Reliance Service almost soon. The feast began back up where it left off after an intermission of twenty minutes, just as the master was entering our area.