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Reliance Group Services has earned the confidence of Toronto residents and surrounding areas through more than a decade of providing unlocking, changing, and repairing lock services. We are dedicated to delivering the utmost satisfaction to our clients and welcome any feedback or recommendations they may have to enhance our services.


The key to the safe, which held valuables, went missing after it was used. It took a significant amount of work, but despite our best efforts, we were unable to unlock the safe since the lock was broken.   After that, I contacted this company, and not only did they fix the safe's lock in a timely manner and at a price that was not too costly, but they also replaced the lock and gave me brand new keys.

North York

The safe's code combination was scribbled on a piece of paper that the dog ate, which meant that it is now lost. As a direct consequence of this, we found ourselves standing in front of a locked safe that housed significant paperwork. It was decided to call the professional service since it was clear that I would not be able to handle such a situation on my own. The specialists were able to unlock the safe lock without any issues and set a new code. Many, many thanks!


At work, it was required to do a planned repair on two safes just recently because the time had arrived for it to be done. Faced with the challenges that costly safes are not supported by all providers.  Nevertheless, it was a stroke of good fortune that this company's office offered their assistance. After receiving maintenance, the safes are now operating as expected.

Downtown Toronto

You never anticipate yourself in a scenario in which you can't open the door until after you've entered the room. It is to everyone's advantage that there are services available to open metal doors. Recently, I found myself in a scenario similar to this one, and the master arrived very quickly and instantly unlocked the door. He also replaced the pins in the lock and gave me a new pair of keys so that the door would no longer wedge, which was really helpful. To Serge, I want to convey my most sincere appreciation.


The day before yesterday, the key became lodged in the lock and refused to turn in any direction, so I decided not to force it. The door has become into an impassable barrier that cannot be overcome. Due to the unfortunate fact that time was of the matter, I did not attempt to unlock the door on my own and instead followed the recommendation of a friend and phoned the reliance service group. After waiting for half an hour, the door was finally opened, the key was in my hand, and it turned without any problems. I really suggest it to everyone, and thanks for responding so quickly.


Since a few days ago, opening your door has become a must. Please do so. They contacted the master to unlock the doors, and he performed an autopsy and opened a metal door that appeared to be impenetrable in a very short amount of time. In addition to that, he repaired the lock and offered a warranty on it.

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